Monitoring Power Quality & Conserve Energy Usage

The best place to start is to determine the quality of the power and to monitor and conserve the energy usage within your facility.

  • This will help identify equipment problems and the priorities for energy improvement plan.
  • Conserve by upgrading lighting, improve insulation and windows.

Benefits of Power Conditioning

Use what power you get and pay for only what you effectively use.

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Commercial BPU Outside

Insulation & Sealing

To help maintain a stable environment the application of insulation and air sealing is essential.  This will help:

  • make spaces more energy efficient and comfortable for employees
  • reduce energy bills
  • address moisture and mold issues
  • reduce outside noises

LED Lighting & Window Shades

 Advantages of LED Lighting Over Fluorescent Lighting

Lighting accounts for about 40% of the energy usage in office buildings.  Typically, in the past, offices were mainly lit using fluorescent lighting.  This is changing as the cost of LED lighting has become much more economical.  LED lighting saves energy, enhances comfort, and increases productivity.

  • Fluorescent lighting is omnidirectional, meaning the light radiates 360° out from around the tube and will emit some ultraviolet light which is hard on the eyes and causes fading in fabrics and paintings.
  • LEDs are directional thus conserving light and allowing for placement of lights where it is needed without using reflectors.  LED lighting does not emit any ultraviolet lighting.  They only produce visible light.
  • LED lighting uses less energy by 20 to 30% over fluorescents.
  • LED lighting comes in a variety of lighting wave lengths, allowing for selection of warm lighting, or daylight lighting that shows true colors.
  • LEDs last up to 12 times longer than fluorescent tubes reducing maintenance costs.
  • Lastly, Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, thus creating a waste disposal problem.

Automated Window Shades

Fully automated window shades manage daylight in the workspaces, adjusting shades for optimum use of sunlight versus electric lighting.

  • Maximizes lighting energy savings (up to 70%).
  • User-defined software ensures the work environment is adapted according to the desired use of the room at that time.
  • Uniform shade band alignment, supporting a facade's clean look.

Enlighted Controls

Enlighted's proven lighting control systems are reducing energy costs by up to 90% in over 135 million square feet of building space.  Going beyond simple lighting controls, redefining smart buildings.  Bringing commercial real estate into the Internet-of-Things.

Magnum Energy Solutions

Improve productivity, enhance operations and effectively use the data their products deliver to make informed and critical business decisions.

  • Lighting Controls
  • HVAC Controls
  • Plug Load Controls

Utilizes no wires and no batteries and spans verticals including hospitality, school, commercial office, multi-family residential, data centers, retail, and refrigeration.

Solar Thermal & Photo Voltaic

After lowering your energy demand through improvement in power quality, energy efficiency, and controls, then consider renewable power generation.

Repurpose Energy

For larger facilities, co-generation maybe an excellent way to upgrade energy efficiency by utilizing the excess heat from boilers or furnaces to generate electricity.